About Us

The employers and benefit advisors we serve want to outperform all expectations.
The employers we serve want their employee benefit program to:
  • Protect and enhance their reputation as an employer
  • Attract qualified, high quality, “right fit” employees
  • Motivate and reward employee loyalty, productivity, and adaptability
  • Educate, motivate and reward responsible, cost-efficient benefit consumption
  • Educate, motivate and reward employees’ healthy lifestyle choices
  • Increase the return created by every cent spent on employee benefits
The benefit advisors we serve are committed to:
  • Causing outcomes that matter to their clients and their clients’ employees
  • Delivering modern, cost-efficient benefit solutions
  • Providing proactive, insightful, highly relevant advice and best-in-class service
  • Building a sound, vital, and lasting business
  • Constantly discovering and delivering new and better solutions
Our history

Touchpoints was founded in 2009 by consultants with a combined 60 plus years of HR, employee benefits communication, organizational development, and change management experience.

We help our clients take complex ideas, messages, and programs, and make them simple and easy to understand. We deliver year-round, sustainable, targeted, results-oriented communication to:

  • Develop and improve the employer’s internal brand
  • Address employer-specific risk factors, claims, and cost drivers
  • Engage diverse employee groups through innovative communication techniques proven to get results
  • Reach beyond the workplace and engage the entire family to create a culture of health
  • Strengthen the relationship between the workforce and management  with ongoing, consistent and jargon-free communication
  • Develop smart benefit consumers

We minimize the noise, cut through the clutter, and get people’s attention. We know what works—and quite frankly, we know what doesn’t.

Ensuring employees value their benefits is what Touchpoints is all about.
By delivering highly effective, year-round benefits communication