The Hub

TouchpointsHUB allows our clients to easily execute a year-round communication blueprint.
Year-round communication encourages and empowers employees to make wise benefits decisions, take better care of themselves, and help their employer save money.
Before TouchpointsHUB there was no simple and easy way to automate year-round communication. Purposeful, relevant and meaningful content is loaded into the HUB, and then scheduled for year-long distribution across multiple channels. You simply set it, watch it go to work, and then see it outperform expectations.
The most significant outcomes realized by employers are:

Increased employee communication effectiveness

Reduction, or elimination of cumbersome, expensive and ineffective face-to-face and print communication

More precise, ongoing alignment of benefits with company goals and needs

The most significant outcomes realized by benefit agencies are:
  • Account managers are freed from the burden of constantly developing and distributing employee communication
  • The real and perceived value of benefit programs is vastly increased
  • The agency’s ability to attract, retain and optimize relationships with great clients is enhanced

TouchpointsHUB allows our clients to easily execute a year-round communication blueprint. The HUB outperforms expectations by empowering effective communication with integrated capabilities like email, text, mms, and the message center in the Touchpoints Portal. The HUB is plugged into our content library, giving our clients access to over 550 articles on everything from the basics of benefits to stress to saving for retirement.

In addition to giving our clients access to purposely scheduled, year-round communication, the HUB makes on demand communication easy whenever it is needed. It also gives clients access to live, real-time portal and app analytics.

  • 92% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes and 98% of all text messages are opened.
  • Email is a familiar tool that most employees have access to either through work or personally.
  • To create awareness, influence behavior and actually cause positive change, you can’t just talk about benefits at open enrollment… you need year-round communication!
By delivering highly effective, year-round benefits communication