Touchpoints Portal

One-click access to everything an employee needs
The Touchpoints Portal provides one-click access to everything an employee needs to make wise decisions, get the care they need and feel great about their benefits.

Typically, employees receive a printed guide during open enrolment, throw it in a drawer, and then have a hard time finding it when it’s needed most. Also, without a portal, to get information online, they must access multiple sites for information on benefits, payroll, wellness and others.

Having access to one log in on a single platform, in concert with year-round communication delivered through the HUB and Pocketpal, employees can quickly and easily find everything they ever wanted to know about their benefits and related programs and tools their employers offer.

In addition to giving employees everything they need, employers use the portal to create and strengthen their brand as an employer, promote events like open enrollment or wellness fairs, promote tools like telemedicine or Rx discounts, and promote relevant, specific, behavior-changing benefits education.

The Details

It starts with employer branding including a custom URL, the company logo, colors, and other corporate identity brand elements so employees immediately know they are interacting with their company’s benefits.

From there, everything employees and employers need is one click away.

Employees don’t want to have to search for important information. They want to click once and get to the information they need to make decisions for them and their families. The portal allows them to do just that. With one click, they can access their plan details, documents and resources they need to interact with their benefits in a meaningful, cost-effective way.

The portal allows employers to link to other services like their ben admin platform, payroll, wellness, and more. It also gives employers and their benefit advisors the ability to create banners and custom pages to communicate important seasonal and strategic messages. And, to support year-round communication, the portal can host additional information and helpful pointers that might be too long for a text or email message.

  • Between 30 – 40% of an employee population uses the portal each month
By delivering highly effective, year-round employee communications.