Our Communication Science

The Science of Communication Performance
A benefits program can only outperform expectations when employees understand and value their benefits. Every communication Touchpoints creates – from text messages to substantial educational pieces – is written and designed to achieve this goal.

We understand communication needs to capture the reader within the first five seconds. That’s why we create action-oriented headings, short and to-the-point messages which lead to more in-depth education pieces, if the reader chooses to learn more about the topic.

We develop your communication strategy based on your goals as well as an in-depth understanding of what programs and benefits are being underutilized, used incorrectly, or simply need to be promoted. We do this during our annual Communication Blueprint process and by continuously monitoring your Performance Dashboards. Your Communication Blueprint is the foundation of a flexible year-long communication calendar designed to address new issues and opportunities as they arise.

A universal objective of every communication strategy we develop is ensuring employees to know how to save the company and themselves money by effectively using their benefits.

Our portal and mobile app are the hubs for all benefits communication and information. These are active, engaging tools providing easy-to-access information – when your employees and covered dependents need it most – which is typically at the point of care. Monthly marketing and education campaigns are essential to achieving this. It’s how real results happen… and we have the measures in place to prove it.

By delivering highly effective, year-round benefits communication