Outperformer’s Checklist

Is your benefits communication program capable of outperforming all expectations?
Find out here!

Use this checklist to measure the effectiveness of any existing benefits communication program and identify new opportunities for increasing performance. After completing the checklist, you can email it to Touchpoints. One of our expert advisors will schedule a free, strictly confidential, 30-minute Discovery Conversation to explore your opportunities for outperforming all expectations.

A benefits communication program that outperforms all expectations will:

  • Protect and enhance an employer’s reputation and turn great employees into fanatic advocates for their employer
  • Contribute to an employer’s ability to attract high quality, “right fit” employees
  • Motivate and reward employee loyalty, productivity, and adaptability
  • Educate, motivate and reward responsible, cost-efficient benefit consumption
  • Educate, motivate and reward employees’ healthy lifestyle choices
  • Increase the return created by every cent spent on employee benefits

    By delivering highly effective, year-round benefits communication